How Does It Work?

The AIPP follows a two-step process:


Designation is the first step for an employer interested in participating in the Pilot. The Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism is responsible for designating employers to take part in the Pilot. If eligibility criteria are met, employers should submit Employer Designation Application forms to the Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism.

In addition to guaranteeing full-time employment for the principal applicant, employers must commit to four settlement-related obligations:

  1. 1. Partner with a federally-and/or-provincially-funded immigration
  2.     settlement service provider organization; 
  3. 2. Demonstrate a welcoming workplace. For example, consider
  4.     participating in workplace cultural awareness and diversity training
  5.     to help prepare your organization for the arrival of newcomer
  6.     employees; 
  7. 3. Ensure each principal applicant and their immediate family
  8.     members receive a needs assessment or individualized settlement
  9.     plan from a settlement service provider organization; and
  10. 4. Support newcomers’ access to settlement services.


For additional information and examples on Settlement Support please read: A Guide for Employers to support Settlement Services under the Atlantic Immigration Pilot.

 Employer Designation Application Forms 

Note:  Email notification of receipt of application for Designation will be sent to the correspondence email address provided by the employer. (we recommend applicants to check the email junk folder in the event of a missing notification.)


Designated employers who have identified a candidate who meets the minimum eligibility criteria and are able to fill an existing vacancy, are required to complete an Endorsement Application for each candidate. Endorsement is required before a candidate can apply to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada for permanent residency. The endorsement application includes the job offer and settlement plan for the candidate and their immediate family. Where necessary, it may also include proof of required recruitment activities.

Please review the information on the Required Recruitment Activities page for more information.

As part of the endorsement, the employer connects the candidate to a designated immigrant settlement service provider organization to complete the pre-endorsement needs assessment and settlement plan for the candidate and their family. The employer must also commit to support specific settlement needs of the candidate and their immediate family, as specified in the individualized settlement plans, once they arrive in Atlantic Canada, such as, offering job seeking support for family members, community integration supports including introduction to cultural groups, financial institutions, and provincial school systems and in some cases covering the costs of language training.

 Endorsement Application Forms