FoodIn Newfoundland and Labrador people generally eat three meals a day.  This includes breakfast in the morning, lunch (or dinner) around noon, and supper (or dinner) in the early evening.

Shopping for food is done mainly in supermarkets. Most supermarkets are quite large and carry a wide range of food items from canned and boxed goods to fresh items in the bakery, meat, fish, fruit, vegetable and dairy sections.

Fresh food can sometimes be bought directly from farmers and fishers, at farmer's markets or roadside stands.  It is common to find and buy locally grown vegetables this way, such as potatoes, carrots, turnip, cabbage as well as fresh local seafood, such as cod fish, squid or scallops.

Some supermarkets have an international or imported food section.  Aside from this, there are a few smaller stores that specialize in imported foods from various countries. Contact the Association for New Canadians for more information. You can reach them by telephone (709) 722-9680 or visit their office in St John's at 144 Military Road.