Telephones and Communication

It is your responsibility to arrange for telephone service in your apartment or house. You can buy your own telephone, but you'll need to call to have your phone line connected.  You normally pay a one time installation fee to get the line connected, and this charge is usually included on your first bill.  Another option is to arrange for mobile or cellular phone service.  This is no problem in most parts of the province, but in remote areas you will need to be sure you can access a clear signal.

You can buy long distance packages through your telephone service provider, or you may decide to buy this separately through another company.  International calling can be expensive, so you want to compare prices for the best package. You can also buy pre-paid long distance calling cards, which you can use from a pay phone or your own phone. This allows you to clearly monitor the cost and duration of your long distance calls.

You will also need to arrange for an internet connection if you want it, and the telephone service providers will often offer you a ‘bundle' package if you order this service from them as well.

For more detailed information about setting up telephone services, look at the ‘Housing' section of the Newfoundland and Labrador Newcomer's Guide.