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Public Transport

Transportation2In the capital region of St. John's and Mount Pearl, you can use the Metrobus Transit System.  You can pay $2.25 per ride, or if you plan to ride the bus regularly, you can save money by purchasing a 10-ride card or a monthly bus pass.  For more information about fares, schedules and bus routes you can visit the website or call 722-9400.

In Corner Brook, you can use the Corner Brook Transit bus system, which offers several routes around the city.  The fare is $2.00 per ride, or you can buy ride cards or monthly passes if you are a frequent traveler.  You can get information about fares, schedules and bus routes by calling 709-639-7287.


Traveling by taxi is more expensive than the bus, but it is quick and convenient. There are many different taxi services available throughout the province. Check your local yellow pages for a listing of taxis in your community.


If you have a valid driver's license, you can buy a new or a used car.  There are many car dealerships. You should visit several dealerships so that you can compare prices and choose the best deal.

Check the section on ‘Cars and Driving' in the Newfoundland and Labrador Newcomer's Guide for detailed information about buying, operating and registering a car in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Travel within Newfoundland and Labrador

The Trans-Canada Highway runs across the island of Newfoundland from St. John's to Port-Aux-Basques. Most communities in the province are connected by secondary paved roads. Leasing or renting a vehicle can be done at a number of rental companies and auto dealerships. DRL Coachlines operates coach and tour buses within the island portion of the province. For more information about travel within the province, visit theNewfoundland and Labrador Tourism website.             

To travel to some communities you might be required to travel by ferry. The Intra-provincial Ferry Serviceprovides detailed information on ferry schedules.

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Travel to Canada and the World

Land, sea and air connections to Newfoundland and Labrador are plentiful. International and national airlines provide daily service to your destination of choice. The Marine Atlantic ferry leaves Port-Aux-Basques for Nova Scotia twice a day, all year round. Marine Atlantic also operates a ferry out of Argentia on the island's east coast that runs to Nova Scotia during summer and fall.